Pepe rojo Rojo Jeans Bolso Kassandra rZrPq

studio david/nicolas
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A bespoke bar that is inspired by gymnastics equipment

Rojo rojo Kassandra Pepe Jeans Bolso Drinking is a sport, right? It certainly is for some, and it might become even more competitive with the invention of Bar Michele by Lebanese design studio david/nicolas. Similar to the anti-gym that was presented in Milan, Bar Michele is inspired by the beams used in gymnastics. The multi-tiered design is a custom piece made from a variety of elegant materials including leather, Iranian white Onyx marble, polished brass and black painted metal. High tables provides a place for standing patrons to place their drinks, while the leather beam is made for sitting or even straddling. In fact, on either end of the beam’s underside is a pair of equestrian-inspired stirrups for use while straddling. So hop on. Just be warned that drinking and straddling can lead to tumbles that are not likely to be of the gymnastic sort!

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Pepe rojo Rojo Jeans Bolso Kassandra rZrPq Pepe rojo Rojo Jeans Bolso Kassandra rZrPq Pepe rojo Rojo Jeans Bolso Kassandra rZrPq